Reviews of Drawings


New York City
Summer 1990

In the group show at Ariel Gallery in Soho Manhattan, (June 19 to July 7), Human Spectrum, Erika Baempfer reveals an exquisite sensitivity to the human figure in her intimate graphite drawings, rendered in subtle monochromatic tones that are created with meticulous strokes. Baempfer`s drawings belong to the great humanistic traditions of Honore Daumier and Kathe Kollwitz, yet her dreamlike atmospheres are also reminiscent of the graphic work of Odilion Redon.  With enigmatic pairs of figures, or the image of a melancholy “Bag Lady”, lost in her solitary thoughts, Baempfer makes affecting statements about loss and isolation.
Blair Schiller

Drawing 1


Station Culture
Bimestrial  d`information du foyer socio-culturel de waterloo, Belgium
Marianne Pirson

La Galerie Arcade expose les dessins a la mine de plombe d`Èrika Baempfer (1991)
......d`une simplicite parfois austere, les dessins d`Erika Baempfer temoignent d`und grande matrise dans leur composition et d`une profonde sensibilite dans leur contenu.  Elle maitrise a la perfection la technique du dessin a la mine de plombe. L`artiste dessine principalement des silhouettes et des figures humaines done elle exprime avec beaucoup de pudeur et de sensibilite, les emotions at la vie intereure.

Drawings 2 and 3

New York City
Summer 1992

Drawing 3

The Fine Line
Donald Brackett
April  1991

........with Baempfer we fare restraint, discipline and focused energy......light and dark are the sole players in her drawn performance.  Everything else is brought to each drawing by the viewers experience, of which the work becomes an immediate and welcome part.
In some cases her work resembles the mere shadow of an ancient image; fading out, wearing thin beneath our gaze.  It is as if there was once a bolder tone which time itself is slowly erasing.  In this they share a bond with masters of drawing such as John Gould.  Yet they are solely her own visions.  They share an equal affinity with the drawings of Holbein.


Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto. Ontario

Courses in Fine and Experimental Arts


Extended personal studies and research
in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, England, Canada
and the United States


Selected solo & group exhibitions (1990 - 2013)

The Toronto Artist Project 2013
The Toronto Artist Project 2012
Navillus Gallery, Toronto
Sagamihara Gallery, invitational show, Kanagawa, Japan
Arta Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto
ACA Gallery, Toronto
Galerie d’Art Viva Vida, Montreal
Towne Square Gallery, Oakville, Ontario
Agora Gallery, Soho, New York City
Galerie Arcade, Brussels-Waterloo, Belgium
Consulate of the Republic of South Korea, Toronto
Royal Canadian Academy, Toronto
Print and Drawing Council, Toronto
Deutsche Bank, Kassel, Germany
Gemaeldestudio, Kassel, Germany
Art Expo, New York City
Ariel Gallery, Soho, New York City

Awards and Reviews

Soho International Art Competition, New York City
Bravo, TV Arts Channel, Toronto
ArtSpeak, New York City
Donald Brackett, Toronto,
Patrick Donohue, Toronto
Greek Chronicles, Toronto
Station Culture, Waterloo, Belgium
Actualites,Waterloo, Belgium
L’Express, Waterloo, Belgium
Arts, Antiques, Auctions, France and Belgium
ArtSpeak, New York City

The work of the artist is in private collections in Canada, Germany, Belgium, and the United States.

Work in Public Spaces
Boarding Homes Ministry for marginalized people in Toronto
Sancta Maria House, Toronto, Shelter for people in need
MTCC at Wellesley Street E., Condominium Complex, Toronto
6 St. Joseph House, Toronto, Centre for people rebuilding their lives
Abu Dhabi, Nation Towers St. Regis, U.E.A. courtesy of Soho Myriad, Atlanta U.S.A
Four Season, Jackson Hole, Wyoming U.S.A.
Houston Hotel, Houston Texas U.S.A.



Talks and Presentations:

2008 "Seeing as a Way of Knowing" at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Toronto
2008 "Image on the Space of the Paper" at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Toronto
2009 "Seeing and Intuition" at Knox College, University of Toronto, Meditation Community
2009 "Silence and Image" at Knox College, University of Toronto, Meditation Community
2010 "What the Meadow Teaches" at the Don Valley Art Club, Toronto


The drawings and mixed media paintings of the Canadian artist Erika Baempfer are intimate and deeply humanistic.  An old woman and her pet bird and another woman with clasped hands, winking mischievously at the viewer, are among the memorable figures drawn with great delicacy and dignity by Baempfer.  Her sympathetic portraits have the expressive power of a later day Kaethe Kollwitz, although her handling of graphite is more meticulous and finely nuanced than the earlier artist`s heavy charcoal line.
Baempfer’s ``Subway (Toronto)``, a haunting image of a lone rider framed by darkness, is as spooky as a George Tooker, while her `Prayer of a Schizophrenic Woman` is an affecting drawing of a huddled figure, accompanied by a poignant text.
Erika Baempfer stands almost alone in her brave humanism in today`s art scene, which makes her work all the more valuable.
Jorge Santiago